Biological Electron Earth Therapy (BEET)


The utility of grounding electrons into Earth

The Earth accepts surplus electrons from machines or substances as a terminal. The one of the fundamental principle of nature is that the electric current flows from a higher electrical potential to the lower, as the negative electric charge moves from a lower electric potential to the higher. A lightning rod, high-voltage electric appliances and a phenomenon of static electricity are the examples of grounding negative charges into the earth that we could see this principle in our daily life. Earth’s electric potential is regarded as zero compared with those examples as we mentioned above.

In my practice, the certain evidential cases were found by using the device of BEET (Biological Electron Earth Therapy) named YASURAGI (“ease” in Japanese). This device Intercepts the specific high frequency - with only by using a diode to fix the negative charge flows from earth to human body – and resulted a positive (closing) reaction by the O-ring test, reducing a negative reaction from the abdomen tenderness test, and relieving patient’s general malaise.

One of my friends is a doctor of physics commented as below. Whether the electrical potential is higher (as a status with less electrons) or lower (as a status with surplus electrons), the negative charge flows from a low electric potential to the higher until it ends with zero as the earth’s potential. If a human body is with surplus negative charges - that is said to be a status of a lower electric potential than the earth - electrons move from a body to the earth. Also, if a body is with surplus positive charge, electrons move from the earth to the body. Either case, the flow of electric charges ends when the electric potential of a body becomes equivalent to the earth. As long as our BEET device utilizes this natural physical principle, we do not worry about side effects, for example, a medicine overdose.

Generally, the electrons flow from substance to substance at a glance, for example a static electricity, when the electric potential difference is tremendous. However it takes quite sometimes for the electrons to moves from a human body to the earth, because whose voltage is so low as micro level. Besides, his body keeps producing surplus electrons that unbalanced status of electric charges, during his sickness.  


. Grounding the electrons through the meridians

   The meridians are already known as the paths of electricity with less electric resistance. It is easy for electrons to move along with. 

Some evidential cases of the grounding electrons from underfoot outlets with BEET were already presented by my report on November 2004. It is also presumed efficient that putting some outlets of fixing a flow of direction of electrons with diode at certain acupoints and both underfoot. Some evidential cases and my analysis are below.


The case 1: the reducing pain of broken metatarsus bone of hand

Patient: man, age 27, a restaurant service stuff 

Drunken and hit a vending machine, and had broken the 4th and 5th metatarsus bones of right hand. Orthopedist said it is only to apply a compress with an affected part and wait for a spontaneous recovery, but not available to fix with a plaster cast. He had wished to reduce pain as soon as possible to return to his job. The affected part was swelling and looking red when he first came.

Treatment: First, putting the shoe-insert-shaped outlets under his feet. During electrons moves from the earth to a body, O-ring test with left hand has indicated positive (closing). At this moment, the pain reduced to 60% as he moves his affected hand. Second, putting another 2 outlets with fixed diode for flowing electrons from the earth to a body, the pain reduced to 30%. He had rested bed with BEET outlets for 30min.  

Assumption: it assumed that a cause of a pain would come from surplus positive ions such as Na+, K+ etc. produced by an inflammation. A pain relieved because ion balance was neutralized by flowing the electron from the earth to a body (Na+ + e- Na) and this flowing of electrons controlled the over production of positive ions. Frequently, it seems to be effective to put an outlet on Iketsu (an acupoint) of a meridian which paths trough an affected part.

As noticed above, it seems to be effective to treat an Inflammation of ligament, for example, by grounding electrons through Iketsu of a meridian. However the direction of flowing electrons is opposite whether a status of sickness is an acute or a chronic. By a chronic inflammation, electrons presumed to move from a body to the earth. This phenomenon presents the principle of that surplus electrons stag at a part of inflammation if its status were chronic.


Method of BEET

A BEET method is a treatment by letting a flow of electrons between a body and the earth regarding as Ho (to supply an energy “Qi” to an acupoint) and Sha (to remove an energy “Qi” from an acupoint) through meridians, using a device connected with outlets and underfoot inserts. There some principles stated below were observed by practice;

1.                            To find the most effective meridian for electrons to path through to the earth from Iketsu (an acupoint) of negative meridians of foot.

2.                            To find a positive meridian of hand at same side as foot (in case, opposite side also appropriate) which is the easiest for electrons to move.

3.                            If necessary, put a diode when pressure test on meridian at hands and feet are negative.

With procedure above, it has been observed certain evidential cases in practice.

Also outlets are put on Iketsu, because electrons are likely to assemble to the point. How to find an effective meridian is depends on results of pressuring abdomen test, muscle movement test and O-ring test. Further explanation of those testing would like to wait until the next occasion.


Case 2: A chronic headache

Patient: woman, age 35, a company employee

 She had had a headache when a stressful event happened and before and after menstruation came. At worse, a pain would not relieve by taking medicine in several times par day. For 3days she had been irritated with a chronic headache by stress from changing to another department, new tasks, colleagues and overwork. In this time a pain also would not be relived by taking a medicine.

Treatment: Abnormality of flowing Qi was found at left liver meridian and right small intestine meridian by pressuring abdomen test, muscle movement test and O-ring tests.

In her case, electron moves

from the ⅩⅡ1Daiton[Tatun] of left liver meridian to the earth

from the earth to the ⅤⅠ1Shotaku[Shaotsu] of right small intestine meridian

from a body to the earth by underfoot insert-shaped outlets


A headache has begun to relive when an outlet was put on the ⅩⅡ1Daiton[Tatun] of left liver meridian, and a pain was gone after 30minites as time past.

Assumption: The BEET treatment works well for a spontaneous pain such as this type of headache. It is presumed that a pain, particularly this type of spontaneous pain, was caused by tipping the balance between positive and negative ions of body and it relives as its balance comes to be equalized.

In this case, it is important to find an effective meridian because the affected part is invisible. How to find and choose an effective meridian would be different as case by case. For example in the case1, outlets were put directly on an affected part. However, in this case2, electrons come into her body from the meridian of a hand (not on directly head), and out through from foot to the earth. This rotation of electrons through effective meridian-path revitalizes the flow of the Qui energy of an affected part. This method also could work for various kinds of symptoms.


Case 3: Atopic dermatitis

Patient: woman, age 17, a student

She had been suffered from an atopic dermatitis since her early childhood. Neck and elbow, especially right side was seriously affected. Her symptom had gotten worse and worse these half a year and wrapped around the whole part under her right elbow joint with bandage. She had taken some Chinese medicines, but she was not really satisfied with its result.


Chosen meridians: Right spleen pancreas meridian, Right large intestine meridian and Right lung meridian

In her case, electron moves

from the 1 Impaku [Yinpai] of right spleen pancreas meridian to the earth

from the earth to the1 Shoyo [Shangyang] of right large intestine meridian

from a body to the earth by underfoot insert-shaped outlets

besides, put a diode on7 Rekketsu [Liehchuen] of right lung meridian


Connected with BEET device for 30minites, she had had a calm feeling during this treatment. After the treatment, I gave her direction of daily massage right Rekketsu that had a pain by pressuring. Since then, she had continued to come for treatment once a week. After the third treatment, she did not need a bandage any more, and became to be better ever after eighth treatment.

   Assumption: Matching and how to chose meridians are various with each symptom and his or her body constitution in cases of atopic dermatitis. However, in common cases, we are able to see the change of electric charge flow “from the earth to body” or “body to the earth” from under foot inserts indicating the ion balance of his/her whole body. Often, “from the earth to body” is most applicable option at the begging of treatment. Then as he/her condition comes to be better this movement of ion neutralize or shift to be opposite flow. In practice, this course of progress shows he/her condition will be amended. From this observation, we can state that, particularly in atopic dermatitis, his/her body is with surplus positive ions.

Although it is hardly to restore healthy status perfectly in the cases of IgE over level 10.000 or an adult such as who is in stressful circumstance in workplace, it was reported that effectiveness of a medicine would improve with BEET treatment.


Case 4: Tiredness after falling hepatitis

Patient: 54years old, a housewife

She had been in hospital for 2months from hepatitis that may be caused by an antibiotic medicine. The level of blood test came to be normalized. Then she left hospital, but she still had gotten bleary eyes, felt tiresomeness and rested very often in daytime. She had a mild pain around lower rib by pushing.


In her case, electron moves

  from the ⅩⅡ1 Daiton[Tatun] of left liver meridian to the earth

from the earth to the1 Shoyo [Shangyang] of right large intestine meridian

in neutral between a body and the earth by underfoot insert-shaped outlets

besides, put a diode on7 Rekketsu [Liehchuen] of left lung meridian and

on ⅹⅡ3 Taisho[Taichong]


At the beginning of the treatment, she felt something circulating inside of her body. Especially felt it stronger around her right side of liver. Later, it went through out of her body, she said. She had had the BEET treatment once in a week, 10 times in total. She felt 80% of her agony and chronic tiredness in daytime were amended after all.

Assumption: she went a medical clinic for asking a Chinese medicine. But unfortunately she was not available to get it, because doctor thought some overreaction by medicine would be possible. She said, at the first stage, that she felt something circulating around her liver. It was gone as further treatment went on and she has felt her physical strength coming back. It is presumed that the balance of ions of affected part was once disturbed and restored by using BEET through meridians. This proves that meridians are really existed, also the BEET works effectively for the cases that a medicine is not applicable. Furthermore, it appeals to doctors to consider the utility of BEET treatment as an after surgery remedy at hospital.


The case 5: Facial palsy

Patient: 40 years old man, a company employee

 He had been in hospital for 2 weeks of steroid instillation for peripheral palsy on his right face. While the treatment had not provided any specific result, his doctor said he must expect for spontaneous recovery. He left the hospital.

His right eye was not able to shut, and he seemed so hard to talk because muscles around his mouth were drawn to the left side.


In his case, electron moves

from the 1 Impaku [Yinpai] of left spleen pancreas meridian to the earth

from the earth to the1 Shoyo [Shangyang] of right large intestine meridian

from affected part covered with aluminum foil to the earth

in neutral between a body and the earth by underfoot insert-shaped outlets

He had come to my clinic for every other day, 8 times in total. He came to be able to close his right eye after the 3rd treatment. The muscle of his mouth began to be flexible somehow after the 4th time. After 8th time, he felt about 80% of his grief gone, even it was still not perfectly easy for him to smile though.

Analysis: A facial palsy is thought to be the one of the symptoms for an acupuncture expected to work evidentially. He took a CAT scan and the other examinations at his head. It recognized that the electric potential was low at his affected part by the examination with a medical electrometer. 

 My assumption is that a voyage course of electrons to come from the Earth, go through the Large intestine meridian and back to the earth was restored again by BEET treatment and balanced the electric potential of affected nerve. This alternative acupunctural treatment could help for tender and nervous part of body, like a face, without a fear of a needle. In this facial palsy case, we assume that one of the efficacies of acupuncture is not from stimulating but balancing the electric potential of an affected part. It is also assumed that, in the common practice of acupuncture with putting needles, the body of practitioner contributes the role of an outlet of grounding the electrons. Also a practice of leaving needle works as “an antenna effect” noticed by Dr. Yoshio Manaka. A recovery seems to be slow in the case of a symptom of palsy with the trigeminal nerve.


Case 6: Panic syndrome

Patient: 43 years old housewife

She had suffered from insomnia at night and often had an irritation, an anxiety or palpitations during the daytime. For these half a year, upcoming events had stressed on her such as her husband unemployed and her son must prepare for a coming entrance examination.

 A psychiatrist diagnosed her a panic syndrome. She had taken medicines for while but she got more anxious as increasing the number of additional medicines. She came here for expecting a medical alternative. She often drew a sigh and her eyes seemed vacant at first visit.


In her case, electron moves

from a point of interior side of 5th toe of right kidney meridian to the earth

from the earth to the1 Kansyo [Kuanchong] of right triple heater meridian

in neutral between a body and the earth by underfoot insert-shaped outlets


The very beginning of treatment, she felt something is circulating inside of her body, in particularly her head became something like floating and wavy. She felt a lightness of her body after 30 minutes treatment. In following treatments, she had slept and even sometimes snored.

She came once a week. She became free from a medicine to sleep after 3rd treatment. She came to sleep well and start smiling again. She said, after all, she had realized any of her most stressful events were not so catastrophe as once she thought, also there are a lot of people who have more grief in their lives.     

Analysis: The panic syndrome often seems a broad notion with an unclear definition. Oftentimes, this kind of symptom eases rather simply just by balancing the electric potential of acupoints of meridian. Particularly, more a balance of electric potential of your body were disturbed, more you feel something like (ex.) circulating inside of your body, waving, floating and stimulating at your affected part during treatment. Mostly those feelings will go away in 30 or 40 minutes. If you were in a healthy status, you would have less of those feelings. This phenomenon were explained in Chapter.


The case 7: Spinal stenosis

Patient: 78years old man, retired

He had felt a pain and numbness at right hip and sole of his feet, it worsened when he walks (intermittent claudication) He went to see an orthopedist and was diagnosed as spinal stenosis by the MRI examination. For a month, he had taken anodynes and vitamin tablets but his symptoms did not come to be better. He was distressed when his doctor recommended a surgery. He came to my clinic looking for some alternatives.


In his case, electron moves

from a point of interior side of 5th toe of right kidney meridian to the earth

from the earth to the ⅤⅠ1Shotaku[Shaotsu] of right small intestine meridian

in neutral between a body and the earth by underfoot insert-shaped outlets

from the earth to inserted needles at spinal canal between L4, L5 and S

besides, put a diode on ⅤⅡ62 Shinmyakuu [Shenmo] of left lung meridian

He had taken a treatment in every other day. After a numb feeling was gone a month later, we made a change of flow path of electrons from inserted needles at spinal canal between L4, L5 to the earth. Two months later, he had felt little pain or 10~20% compared with before-BEET treatment in walking generally.

Analysis:  An orthopedist said his spinal stenosis must have a surgery if his symptoms would not ease by taking medicine. Also he had a strong pain at spine by touching. Tough we were able to see his pain relieved by BEET treatment. So even an abnormality in between L4 and 5 was observed by medical examination, I still wonder if his symptoms were caused from it or the other hidden reason. However it was, he was so happy he didn’t have to take a surgery. I suppose that a balance of ions had been changed when the direction of electrons’ movement shifted to opposite at L4 and 5.


The case 8: Chronic Bronchitis

Patient: 79 years old woman, retired

Her home doctor diagnosed her symptoms a chronic bronchitis. She saw a university medical institute for further treatment. She had taken some medicines such as a bronchodilator or the other, but her symptoms did not amend a month. She rushed to cough so she hardly got a sleep at night.  


In her case, electron moves

from a point of interior side of 5th toe of right kidney meridian to the earth

from the earth to the ⅤⅠ1Shotaku[Shaotsu] of left small intestine meridian

from the earth to her breast covered with aluminum foil


She said she had felt a smooth breeze during a treatment. Next morning she called me and said that it was first time within a month she was able to sleep well without coughing.


Analysis: BEET works for a chronic bronchitis same as I reported for asthma in my previous article. The reason why we marked good result in this case was because the unbalance of ions were amended by grounding surplus positive ions from her blest. In addition, medicine works better for such a case or the other illness like an atopic dermatitis etc. if we were able to make well balance of ions of his/her body.


. Conclusion

 The cases I referred above were those western medicines and treatments could not efficiently work for. Such symptoms were amended rather in short period by the treatment of BEET with the practice of acupuncture.

A BEET treatment is applicable for symptoms supposed to be caused by an unbalance of positive and negative ions at affected parts or meridians, as Chinese medicine refers a sickness caused by “a disturbance of Qui”.

The standard usage of insertion of needles or needles with a moxa cautery is needed for symptoms caused by ”a disturbance of blood” of becoming chronic status or changing constitution of organs, or by “a stagnation of blood.”

What and how patients feel for a treatment is various and different, however it is remarkable that his/her feeling of something floating or circulating etc. around an acupoint of meridian or an affected part will be reduced as his/her symptoms come to relieve.  By nature to keep a healthy ion balance, a human body may lower the electric resistance of acupoints on meridian’s surface, take electrons from the air and grounding surplus electrons into the earth by a foot contact to soil if some disturbance were happened. These days, an electromagnetic wave from appliances for examples, a personal computer and a mobile phone is increasing its amount. Besides we are isolated from the earth most of the time by some insulators under our feet. This situation is likely to impede the healthy circulation of electrons, and contain surplus ions inside of human body or its acupoints. I insist that, in the field of electron and ions inside human body, biochemistry and biophysics should concern more about acupoints and meridians as a pathway of electrons as well as other phenomena and be able to prove evidences and utilities of this eastern medical practice. I believe those efforts will contribute to archive the coordination of eastern and western medicine today.