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Be at ease in this stressful world.


Surely all of us have heard words like these spoken before, but few of us take the time to recognize the real source of painful symptoms like stiff muscles and headaches, even when it's obvious. It's stress. Unbeknownst to many, stress causes a large number of symptoms that arise in our physical bodies.

At my office,I have seen that neck and shoulder pain is not simply the result of "external (physical) injuries" (e.g., car accidents, falling down, sports injuries, etc.), but of what I call "internal injuries", namely stress. When the autonomous nervous system is strained, excess stress builds in the sympathetic nervous system and may cause painful conditions such as stiff necks, dizziness, lower back pain, frequent headaches, and insomnia. Many people will seek medical attention from doctors and chiropractors. However, what few people recognize is that their symptoms are often rooted in a stressful period from their lives which is continuing to have an effect on their health. As a result, massage and electrotherapy do little to reduce their physical pain. More seriously, pain stemming from an internal injury (stress) frequently has no clear direct and if it is not treated, mental conditions (i.e., anxiety disorder, panic disorder, depression, etc.) may develop.

Our Acupuncture Treatments


My treatments are based on Oriental Medicine. Oriental Medicine follows the principal that within the body are paths, or routes, called meridians. These meridians are the pathways that blood and energy take as they flow through the body. My acupunctural office uses the O-Ring Test, the Meridian Route Test, and Kinshindan (Applied Kinesiology) to locate a patient's meridians and correct any unbalances in the blood and energy routes of the patient's body.

Through guided questions, patients are led to identifying the source of their own psychological stress behind the pain they are feeling. Special techniques such as acupuncture or acupressure are then applied to selected pressure points on the patient's hands and feet. Interestingly, many ailments can be partially or completely cured without applying treatment directly to the area which is hurting. Some fundamental treatments can also be performed as part of a patient's daily routine (e.g., massaging pressure points at home, performing movement and stretching exercises, practicing breathing techniques, etc.). If you are interested in learning more, please read some of my case studies.


My office is approaching its 24th year of operation and what I've observed so far is that "those without 'internal injuries' won't incur physical stress from the environment", that is to say, even when stressors arise, if one's psychological health is intact, they won't become ill.

My goal as a acupuncturist is to help my patients achieve optimal health. The studies I perform at my office on the correlation between the mind and body, as it is described in Oriental Medicine, help me come closer to achieving this goal. Nothing is greater than seeing my patients in good health.

BEET (Adjusting the Meridian)


Biological Electron Earth Therapy

Oriental Medicine describes 12 (sometimes 14) meridians (also called lines or routes) connecting all of the pressure points throughout the human body. All ailments come from imbalances in the flow of blood and energy along these meridians.

<There are 3 major advantages to using BEET.>

  1. It does not use needles, so patients with an interest in Oriental Medicine who are scared of needles may prefer BEET.
  2. Teamwork between the patient and the acupuncturist is required to test which processes make the meridian more or less regular.
  3. At home, selected pressure points can be massaged to prevent a relapse.
See more about BEET

To patients with medical conditions

BEET is most effective on pain ranging from acute to borderline chronic, pain which accompanies movement (e.g., headache, menstrual pains, toothache, sprain, contusions, every kind of neuralgia, tonsillitis), and pain having no apparent source which is caused by stress. If relaxation has some effect on the pain, BEET may also effectively reduce related psychological disorders (e.g., depression, panic disorder, anxiety disorders, etc.).

First-time Consultations

If you'd like to give it a try, BEET consultations are held the first Monday of every month from 10AM - 6PM (Cost: \1,000).

I'd particularly like to encourage those of you who aren't feeling well and want to give Oriental Medicine a try, or those of you who dislike needles or moxibustion (the burning of mugwort near the skin) to come for a consultation. I can only accept patients who have an appointment, so please call or send an email before visiting the acupunctural office. The effectiveness of the treatment is best determined by repeated trials. I will explain the procedures of my therapy in more detail at the time of your consultation.

Recommendations from Patients

Situated on a nameless street in Futsukamachi in a relatively nondescript building (excepting for the word "needle" printed in Japanese characters along its top) is Mr. Masato Hattori's acupunctural office, one of Sendai's best kept secrets. I wasn't a doubter nor a believer of Oriental Medicine when I called to make my first appointment. Acupuncture was simply an alternative treatment for the ongoing pain in my shoulders and back which no masseuse or chiropractor had been able to terminate; and I had tried multiple clinics.

Climbing the stairs to the reception room on the second floor, I heard birds chirping and parrots talking. The parrots are "Hi-chan" and "Ku-chan" and they are just one example of how Hattori-Sensei fosters an element of tranquility in his therapy room. However, it is Hattori-Sensei's warm nature which I, and I believe many others, find most soothing. As he also speaks English, I found myself able to talk to him about anything, just as I would a counselor or good friend.

Though I wasn't sure what the treatment would entail, I laid on the treatment table feeling very at ease as Hattori-Sensei demonstrated the "O-Ring" Test and placed diodes on my body to improve blood and energy circulation. As he identified these points on my body, he also gently delved in to my psychological stressors, explaining that they may be the root of the physical pain I felt.

He first used a noninvasive technique to ground the energy in my body to the earth, but at the end of the session we used acupuncture needles as well because I was interested in them. I left the acupunctural office feeling balanced, the pain in my shoulders and back greatly diminished, my heart light. After two more sessions, the pain had become so minute I hardly noticed it and Hattori-Sensei has since treated me for ailments I never imagined Oriental Medicine would affect; the most notable which was a bad sore throat (the pain instantly vanished when he applied a diode to the correct pressure point). I have never experienced anything like it.

I recommend Hattori-Sensei's treatment to everyone, for any ailments, aches, or pains. Even if you don't know Japanese or don't speak it well, Hattori-Sensei communicates very naturally in English and will teach you effective methods to help you balance your life. Balance is fundamental to the health of our bodies. The whole cannot be well if a part is sick. You will be amazed at the power of natural healing.

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